21 June 2008

Peach and Tommasini

Here is a bio from one of the world's best metal workers

My career in the automotive industry ranged from an apprenticeship as a crash repair “Panel Beater / Panel Worker”, through various trade and administrative positions in several trades in Australia and England. Equally extensive was my teaching career.
I started as a student teacher and progressed through several trade and technical teaching positions in TAFE – Technical and Further Education. After thirty years of teaching, I worked as an assistant director at Batman Automotive College of TAFE, Coburg, Victoria Australia.

One of my most memorable experiences was an overseas scholarship. This Victorian Overseas Foundation award enabled me to work and study in England for about two years in specialist prototype and experimental vehicle body design, development, building and modification at Airflow Streamlines, Northampton, England.

Amongst the numerous projects I worked upon included the 1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, and the DB9 Aston Martin. These vehicle bodies were completely hand built using techniques and equipment that is very similar to what we use today.
Whether restoring, building, repairing or modifying external body panels, internal framing or chassis, all work can be carried out using hand working techniques, minimal equipment and basic hand tools.

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Tom Peach

My passion has always been cars, particularly body work.

After migrating from Italy in 1970, I completed an apprenticeship at Leo Squires Motors, Dandenong in Panel Beating and Metal Fabrication. As a teenager, I had a part time job in a company which made some panels for Ferrari and this sparked my interest in panel making. During my apprenticeship I had a taste for using the wheeling machine but was not able to find a panel shop to advance my career.

After several years of working with smash repairs and small restorations, I decided to open up my own business “Peter Tommasini Classic Car Restoration” In the process of seeking out and purchasing appropriate restoration equipment, I met a range of different tradesmen in this field. Tom Peach generously shared his vast knowledge and experience and helped me to further hone my metal working skills.

After 28 years, the business evolved into one specialising in the restoration and panel fabrication of all classic, vintage, veteran and prestige cars, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Austin Healey, GTHO, Monaro and many more.
As each shape of a panel is unique to a particular car there is a great deal of patience and practice required to achieve the desired result. I still maintain my passion for panel fabrication and my greatest reward is creating a unique panel from a sheet of metal.

Regards Peter Tommasini