21 September 2008

Series 3 and Number 6

We are gearing up for a new series on Television. Number 3 will hit the screens around December 2008. Thank you for your patience with all the repeats that you must be seeing.

If you have been watching the Gasolene series, you will notice that each episode briefly showcases some of the work by Peach and Tommasini. Their DVD collection has expanded to hours of commentary, instructional video and detailed advice from the masters of metal working.

Number 6 is now available for purchase and covers how to make a door skin and steel welding. It is a great follow up to number 5 that covered edge wiring, weheel arch return and basic mud guards.

07 September 2008

Pay Pal

Did you know that you can buy the Peach and Tommasini metal working DVD's with PayPal.

It is easy to do. Just drop me a line or call for details.